Why choose Omega Pharma Lab

Omega Pharma Labs was founded in 2016 in Moscow as a specilized laboratory focused specialifically on compounding and creating Grade A Perfromance Enchancing Medicine (Anabolic Steriods). Currently Omega Pharma has fourteen products consisting of both injectable and oral compounds. Our products are being used in both an amateur and professional capacity in both sports and Bodybuilding alike.

All our product line use Grade A+ Raw material which we create on site with the help of our Bio-Chemists and compounders. Once batch production has taken place, a full quality control takes place. This involoves vigarous purity, strength, density and dosage testing. We use both HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) and LCMS (Liquid Chromatogrpahy Mass Spectrometry) as reference.

In all our oil based products, we use natural oils (Peach Oil) with triple filtration. Using this filtration process we are able to maximize the Bio-Availability and concentration of the compounds themselves. Ceramic filiters are vital in yielding perfectly clear prodcuts.